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As Biden Grabs Reins on AI, Here’s How It Affects Radio

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In a landmark move on Monday, President Biden issued an executive order based on the use of artificial intelligence in America, emphasizing safety, job security, and privacy. This order comes as AI is at the forefront of radio’s attention, especially with concerns about how the technology will be used in media’s future.

As this executive order is the first step toward government regulation of artificial intelligence, Radio Ink reached out to two experts in broadcasting’s AI sector for their thoughts: David Perry, Copyright Attorney at Blank Rome in Philadelphia, and Raoul Wedel, CEO of Wedel Software and Adthos.


Perry, who will be addressing this topic at Forecast 2024 on November 15, said, “Let me say this: The Executive Order is not at all overtly directed to radio/media providers, but it is clear that guideposts are being planted that those providers need to see on the horizon and prepare to navigate. At least five areas should pique the interest or radio/media, such as the Order’s statement on protecting Americans from AI-enabled fraud and deception, and its stated goal of creating standards and best practices for detecting AI-generated content and authenticating official content (which is particularly important for radio operators who disseminate government content).”

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"As Biden Grabs Reins on AI, Here’s How It Affects Radio," was published in Radio Ink on October 31, 2023.