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Are Your Internal Communications up to Par?

Legal Management

In the mix of marketing activities in law firms, internal communications often have taken a backseat. In fact, 52% of respondents to a recent survey conducted by ContactMonkey reported they do not have a long-term internal communications strategy in place. 


Internal communication apps are one tool that firms can use to navigate resources, unify teams and share information. Blank Rome developed their BReturn app — in just five weeks — to efficiently manage and inform attorneys and staff as they returned to in-office work during the pandemic.

After working remotely for an extended time, some attorneys and staff at Blank Rome were ready — or needed — to return to the office. Using BReturn, employees can check in and book time in the office, find up-to-date COVID guidance and receive real-time notifications.

Management also can determine capacity limits and quickly see who is in the office at any time throughout the United States and globally. And because the firm has offices in different geographic locations, the app lists unique office rules according to local public health guidelines.

“It’s a win-win for both employees and management alike and, most importantly, ensures the health and safety of everyone,” says Frank Spadafino, the firm’s Chief Information Officer.  

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"Are Your Internal Communications up to Par?" by Paula Tsurutani was published in Legal Management on May 16, 2022.