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50 Years 50 Moments

Monitor Daily

During its 50-year run as the premier publication in the equipment finance arena, Monitor has always been there to tell the industry’s story. In a sector like equipment finance, however, there are always more tales to tell, so leaders from across the equipment finance industry shared some of their enduring memories, funniest anecdotes, vital insights and top pieces of advice from the last 50 years.


“In late 2008, in the midst of the financial crisis, the outgoing Bush administration used a statute called the Troubled Assets Relief Program to provide $4 billion in financing to Chrysler and another $1.5 billion to Chrysler Financial to buy asset-backed securities so it could continue providing financing to would-be car buyers. I worked harder on that transaction than at any other time. I’d be in church and get emails that I not only had to read but respond to immediately.” – Stephen Whelan, Senior Counsel, Blank Rome


“Always be on the lookout for something new that may not have occurred to you in law school or during your first year or two of practice because that may turn out to be the next big thing and, as it has been for me, it could turn out to be the mainstay of your practice.” – Stephen Whelan, Partner, Blank Rome

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"50 Years 50 Moments," was published in Monitor Daily on June 23, 2023.