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Marilyn B. Chinitz and Lois J. Liberman Recognized in Spear’s 500 Legal Indices 2023

Spear's 500 Legal Indices

Blank Rome LLP is pleased to announce that Spear's 500 Legal Indices recognized partners Marilyn B. Chinitz and Lois J. Liberman in its 2023 Family Law Index. Spear's notes that Marilyn and Lois are "New York powerhouses of family law."

Spear's 500 Legal Indices is a "guide to the advisers to high net worth individuals in all fields of the law." The family law installment features "family solicitors and barristers, divorce consultants, and litigation funding experts."

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Spear's Review

Marilyn Chinitz

Family Lawyers 2023, Recommended


Marilyn Chinitz of Blank Rome in New York is a one of the USA's most respected divorce lawyers, having confirmed her high profile with celebrity clients such as Tom Cruise and Michael Douglas and a string of high profile business leaders and billionaires.

She started in family law when a partner at the corporate law firm she was working at asked her to work on his own divorce privately. 'It really opened my eyes, this is the area of law that I love. It involved valuation of assets, it involved trusts and estate issues, it involved tax issues. It was a very interesting are of the law that I felt I connected with because I like people, I'm able to work well with people, they trust me, so I decided to leave the corporate litigation world.'

Her clients have felt the benefit ever since.

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Lois Liberman

Family Lawyers 2023, Recommended

Lois Liberman

‘Our clients are very often dealing with one of the worst situations they could in their lives, and so their anxiety or their emotions are running high on a good day,’ says Blank Rome partner Lois Liberman, who is adept and sensitive in helping couples with the emotional fallout of divorce. Recently, Liberman has conducted a webinar helping clients to understand how to deal with issues such as coercive control. ‘It's not really an accepted principle [in New York law], per se, yet there's so much of it,’ she says.

Her practice also produces a large number of pre-nuptial agreements. ‘I think the numbers are pretty much the estimated to be… 50 per cent of Americans are going to end in some sort of divorce or break up,’ she says. ‘People still have not been turned off by the process. So we're still having a lot of prenuptial agreements.’

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