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Blank Rome Attorneys and Practices Highly Ranked in The Legal 500 United States 2024

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Blank Rome LLP is pleased to announce that our practice groups and attorneys have been highly ranked and recommended in The Legal 500 United States 2024. Researchers at The Legal 500 conduct annual, in-depth market research and gather information from individual law firms as well as feedback from peers and clients to form an objective analysis and prepare comprehensive rankings and editorial of the U.S. legal market.

2024 Firm Rankings:

Top-Tier Firm

  • Insurance: Advice to Policyholders
  • Transport: Shipping – Litigation and Regulation

Recommended Firm

  • Government: Government Contracts
  • M&A/Corporate and Commercial: M&A – Middle-Market (sub-$500m)
  • US Taxes: Contentious
  • Real Estate
  • Transport: Shipping – Finance

Firm to Watch

  • Finance: Commercial Lending
  • International Trade: Customs, Export Controls, and Economic Sanctions
  • International Trade: Trade Remedies and Trade Policy

2024 Top-Tier Rankings:

“Hall of Fame”

  • John Heintz (Insurance: Advice to Policyholders)
  • Anthony Salgado (Transport: Shipping – Finance)
  • Jeanne Grasso (Transport: Shipping – Litigation and Regulation)
  • John Kimball (Transport: Shipping – Litigation and Regulation)
  • Joanne Osendarp (International Trade: Trade Remedies and Trade Policy)

“Leading Lawyers”

  • Linda Kornfeld (Insurance: Advice to Policyholders)
  • Jared Zola (Insurance: Advice to Policyholders)
  • Jim Murray (Insurance: Advice to Policyholders)
  • Mary Craig Calkins (Insurance: Advice to Policyholders)
  • Natasha Romagnoli (Insurance: Advice to Policyholders)
  • Rikke Dierssen-Morice (Insurance: Advice to Policyholders)
  • Jonathan Waldron (Transport: Shipping – Litigation and Regulation)
  • William Bennett III (Transport: Shipping – Litigation and Regulation)
  • Scott Arnold (Government: Government Contracts)
  • Justin Chiarodo (Government: Government Contracts)
  • Craig Fields (US Taxes: Contentious)

“Next Generation Partners”

  • Kyle Brinkman (Insurance: Advice to Policyholders)
  • Omid Safa (Insurance: Advice to Policyholders)
  • Lauren Wilgus (Transport: Shipping – Litigation and Regulation)
  • Luke Reid (Transport: Shipping - Litigation and Regulation)
  • Dominique Casimir (Government: Government Contracts)
  • Nicole Johnson (US Taxes: Contentious)
  • Eric Parnes (International Trade: Trade Remedies and Trade Policy)

“Rising Stars”

  • Natalie Radabaugh (Transport: Shipping – Finance)
  • Dana Merkel (Transport: Shipping – Litigation and Regulation)
  • Zachary Cain (Transport: Shipping – Litigation and Regulation)

2024 Recommended Attorneys, by Practice:

Government: Government Contracts

  • Scott Arnold
  • Justin Chiarodo
  • Dominique Casimir
  • Elizabeth Jochum
  • Luke Meier
  • Robyn Burrows
  • Stephanie Harden
  • Dave Nadler
  • Michael Montalbano

Insurance: Advice to Policyholders

  • Linda Kornfeld
  • Jared Zola
  • John Heintz
  • Kyle Brinkman
  • Omid Safa
  • Jim Murray
  • John Gibbons
  • Natasha Romagnoli
  • Jason Frye
  • Mary Craig Calkins
  • Rikke Dierssen-Morice
  • Justin Lavella
  • Lisa Campisi

International Trade: Trade Remedies and Trade Policy

  • Joanne Osendarp
  • Eric Parnes

Real Estate

  • Sam Walker
  • Samantha Wallack
  • Martin Luskin

Transport: Shipping – Finance

  • Anthony Salgado
  • Natalie Radabaugh
  • Douglas Shoemaker
  • Jeanne Grasso
  • Keith Letourneau
  • Thomas Belknap

Transport: Shipping – Litigation and Regulation

  • Jonathan Waldron
  • William Bennett III
  • Jeanne Grasso
  • John Kimball
  • Dana Merkel
  • Zachary Cain
  • Lauren Wilgus
  • Luke Reid
  • Keith Letourneau

US Taxes: Contentious

  • Craig Fields
  • Nicole Johnson
  • Eugene Gibilaro
  • Mitchell Newmark
  • Irwin Slomka