Speaking Engagement

Subsea Infrastructure Quality Standards and Assurance

14th Annual Maritime Risk Symposium

Maritime Academic Center
SUNY Maritime College
6 Pennyfield Ave
Bronx, NY

Blank Rome maritime attorney William R. Bennett III will serve as a panelist at Maritime College, State University of New York’s 14th Annual Maritime Risk Symposium, being held November 14 through 16, 2023, at the Maritime Academic Center in Bronx, New York.


MRS 2023, “Managing Impacts of Supply Chain Disruptors, Renewable Energy, Emerging Technology on the Maritime Transportation System,” will bring together academics, government, and commercial entities to discuss the emerging offshore energy industry and its threats, challenges, and risks to the maritime transportation system with a focus on the articulation of current and future marine transportation challenges and threats. The symposium will help frame issues that impact the implementation and operationalization of a sound marine transportation strategy and will assess threats and recent advancements in research to inspire ideas for innovative research that will help define offshore energy infrastructure safe working parameters to the maritime transportation system.


Bill’s session, “Subsea Infrastructure Quality Standards and Assurance,” will take place on Tuesday, November 14, from 1:30 to 2:45 p.m. The panel will discuss the legal risks—operational, financial, and regulatory—associated with offshore subsea and surface infrastructure.


  • Facilitator: Dr. I.J. Arora, President & CEO, Quality Management International
  • Dr. Ronald J Rapp, Director, Industry & Marine Liaison, SubComm
  • Kent Bressie, Partner, HWG LLP - International Cable Protection Committee
  • Bill Bennett, Partner, Blank Rome LLP
  • Nate McKenzie, Technology Manager for Offshore Wind R&D, U.S. Department of Energy

To learn more, please visit Maritime Risk Symposium.