Speaking Engagement


Perfect Law Global Class Actions and Mass Torts Conference

The Hilton London Bankside
2-8 Great Suffolk St
London SE1 0UG, UK

Blank Rome partner Deborah Greenspan will serve as a panelist at Perfect Law’s Global Class Actions and Mass Torts Conference, being held May 23 through 24, 2024, in London.


The Global Class Actions and Mass Torts Conference is a prestigious international event that focuses on the concept of collective redress, which refers to legal mechanisms that allow a large group of individuals who have suffered similar harm or injury to pursue their claims together as a single entity.


Deborah’s session, “Settlements,” will take place on Thursday, May 23, from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m.


  • Chair: Steven Weisbrot, President and Chief Executive Officer, Angeion (U.S.)
  • Sabrina Lombardi, Parter, Class Action Litigation, McKenzie Lake (Canada)
  • Judge Bernard Murphy, Justice of the Federal Court of Australia (Australia)
  • Judge Larisa Alwin, Appellate Judge in The Amsterdam Court of Appeal (Netherlands)
  • Deborah Greenspan, Partner, Blank Rome (U.S.)

Other sessions include:

  • Empirical Data and Recent Developments from the UK, U.S., and Europe
  • The Conditions to Certify a Class Action in Different Jurisdictions
  • Lawyers and Class Representatives’ Role in the Litigation
  • Models of Damages Assessment
  • Parallel Cross Border Litigation Plaintiff and Defendant Perspective
  • Privacy and Data Breach Regulation and Safety
  • Breach of Privacy and Data Misuse Class Actions—Artificial Intelligence, Data Transfers, and Minors
  • Competition—Price Fixing, Anti-Competitive Agreements, and Unlawful Practices
  • Regulatory Control and Litigation as a Result of Abuse of Dominant Position
  • International Mass Torts and Product Liability Class Actions
  • Bundling Claims Together—Group Litigation and Assignment
  • Securities Collective Redress
  • Environment, Climate Change, and ESG
  • The Absent Class Members—Notice and Case Management, Distribution of Damages, and Legal Tech Solutions
  • Rules for Disclosure
  • Funders’ Rights of Remuneration and Funders’ Contribution to Access to Justice
  • Contractual Clauses Aimed to Restrict Collective Proceedings, e.g., Arbitration, Jurisdiction, and Time Limits

For more information and to register, please visit the event webpage.