Pivoting & Positioning Small Businesses for Dynamic (Full & Open) Growth

Strategically Speaking with Dean Nordlinger

Blank Rome-Hosted On-Demand Webinar

Blank Rome is proud to announce the second session of our new on-demand webinar series, Strategically Speaking, hosted by Dean Nordlinger, a partner in our Corporate practice, who talks to a variety of seasoned professionals and subject matter experts about critical and challenging issues that companies (and business owners) are facing throughout their life cycle. This insightful series will provide strategic and tactical pointers that can be used to shape and improve corporate goals and initiatives.

In this insightful second session Dean talks with featured guests Gilbert Dussek of Gunnison Consulting Group and Kevin Robbins of Blue Delta Capital Partners about the key issues that growing government contracts (“govcon”) firms face in their business life cycle as they transform from small businesses to “Other-Than-Small-Business.” Dussek has been a successful high-level operator on both large and small govcon platforms and in 2019 became CEO of Gunnison, a leader in software development, data analytics, and enterprise system testing for leading government customers. Robbins has served multiple roles as a consultant to and an owner/investor in govcon companies and is a co-founder of Blue Delta, a growth capital firm focused on the U.S. federal government services marketplace, particularly on technology-enabled solutions and services companies.

The session includes an informative and helpful discussion of:

  • Reviewing Blue Delta’s and Gunnison’s decision to team up
    • Factors that went into Blue Delta’s decision to invest in Gunnison; and
    • The driving and differentiating attributes that Blue Delta looks for in “investable” target companies
  • Strategically growing from an SBSA to full & open govcon company
    • Building, scouting, and acquiring talent; and
    • Competitively bidding on and winning, or acquiring, F&O contracts
  • Identifying and filtering acquisition targets and structuring acquisitions
    • The roles of company culture, chemistry (of personnel), and vision; and
    • Sourcing and valuing target companies
  • Describing Gunnison-Blue Delta’s corporate growth strategy
    • How Blue Delta thinks about portfolio company construction; and
    • Gunnison’s near-term and long-term visions and plans

To watch the webinar, please go to webinar registration page.

  • Session III: M&A and Valuation and Financial Enhancers and Detractors with Featured Guests Mitchell Martin, Principal and Co-Head of M&A, The McLean Group and Scott Brezler, Partner and Head of Government Contracting Practice, Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP 
  • Session IV: Exit Planning with Featured Guests Geoff Hart, Executive Director, JP Morgan Chase, Brandon Ross, Wealth Advisor, JP Morgan Chase, and Ken DiCairano, Executive Director, Private Business Advisory, J.P. Morgan Private Bank Advice Lab 

…and more to come!


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