Disarming the Narcissist: with guest expert Wendy Behary

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Look Ahead with Lois Liberman: A Women’s Salon Series

Blank Rome partner Lois J. Liberman’s Look Ahead salons are designed to address the very personal and pivotal issues that concern women who are divorced and divorcing. Over her 30-year career in matrimonial law, she has seen their impact and the toll these challenges take on her clients’ lives.

Lois created these interactive salons to connect her current and former clients with prominent relationship and financial experts and a spectrum of personal image professionals who share their keen insights and practical advice. Each participant takes away strategies to cope, win, and move their life forward.


Wendy Behary, an author and expert on the subject of narcissism, takes a different approach when dealing with narcissists. Wendy emphasizes the importance of understanding the underlying insecurity and vulnerability that drives the narcissistic behavior and offers a range of practical techniques for managing and disarming these individuals.

Wendy offers strategies for building empathy and understanding, communicating effectively, and setting healthy boundaries. Her book, Disarming the Narcissist, includes real-life examples and exercises to help readers apply these strategies in their own lives.

Wendy cultivates an understanding of narcissism to help the victims liberate themselves through empathic confrontation.


The more you understand the makeup of a narcissist, the greater your chances for emancipation from self-doubt, self-blame, and powerlessness—and the greater the opportunity to protect yourself, recapture your voice, and embrace your weary and precious self.

Wendy Behary, Disarming the Narcissist

Lois and Wendy will discuss dealing with narcissistic personalities using practical tools and provide insights for navigating challenging relationships with empathy and self-respect.


Wendy Behary

With 30 years of post-graduate training and advanced level certifications, Wendy Behary is the founder and director of The Cognitive Therapy Center of New Jersey and The Schema Therapy Institutes of NJ-NYC and DC. Her private practice is primarily devoted to treating narcissists, the people dealing with them, and couples experiencing relationship problems.

As an author and an expert on the subject of narcissism, she is a contributing author of several chapters on Schema Therapy for Narcissism (Wiley and APA Press). She lectures both nationally and internationally to professional and general audiences on Schema Therapy and the subjects of narcissism, relationships, and dealing with difficult people. Her work with the commercial industry has included speaking engagements focused on interpersonal conflict resolution.

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