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OMB Embraces Government Use of Artificial Intelligence

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Last month, the Office of Management and Budget (“OMB”) issued a memorandum directing federal agencies to adopt artificial intelligence (“AI”) and advance its use to inform and carry out agency actions. OMB’s new policy addresses three main areas it views as necessary for responsibly deploying AI in agency decision-making: (1) strengthening AI governance; (2) advancing AI innovation; and (3) managing risks from the use of AI. With OMB encouraging the use of AI to streamline agency actions wherever possible, government contractors can also expect to see AI increasingly used in the procurement process.

AI Governance

OMB directed agencies to designate a Chief AI Officer whose responsibilities will include coordinating agency use of AI, developing a workforce with the skillsets necessary for implementing AI, and “identifying and prioritizing appropriate uses of AI that will advance both their agency’s mission and equitable outcomes.”

The Chief AI Officer is also tasked with ensuring that AI code and the data used to develop and test AI are inventoried and shared in data repositories. That individual must also prepare and submit annually to OMB an “AI use case inventory” documenting instances in which AI is used to address a particular need. For example, the Department of State’s (“DOS”) AI Inventory includes a bot that it developed “to automate the data entry in the Federal Procurement Data System” which the State Department reports has reduced the burden on the agency’s procurement staff and improved compliance on DATA Act reporting.

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