ISDC Report Highlights New Flexibilities as Alternative Remedies Increase

Pratt's Government Contracting Law Report

In this article, the authors discuss the key elements for government contractors contained in a recent report to Congress by the Interagency Suspension and Debarment Committee.

The Interagency Suspension and Debarment Committee (“ISDC”) has released its annual Section 873 Report to Congress for fiscal year (“FY”) 2020.

The data in this report provides a big picture view of trends in suspension and debarment. Here is what government contractors need to know.

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“ISDC Report Highlights New Flexibilities as Alternative Remedies Increase,” by Dominique L. Casimir and Tjasse L. Fritz was published in the July 2022 edition of Pratt’s Government Contracting Law Report (Vol. 8, No. 7), an A.S. Pratt Publication, LexisNexis. Reprinted with permission.

This article was first published in Blank Rome’s Government Contracts Navigator in April 2022.