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The FAR Council Proposes New Cyber Incident Reporting Requirements

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On October 3, 2023, the FAR Council issued two proposed cybersecurity rules that could have significant implications for both Government prime and subcontractors. This post discusses the first rule, FAR Case No. 2021-017, which, if implemented, will impose an array of new cyber incident reporting requirements on nearly all government contractors. The second rule, FAR Case No. 2021-019, seeks to standardize cybersecurity contractual requirements across Federal agencies. We discuss the first rule in further detail here.

Who Would Have to Comply with the New Cyber Incident Reporting Rule?

Under the proposed cyber incident rule, the FAR Council intends to promulgate a new FAR clause, FAR 52.239-ZZ. In its current form, FAR 52.239-ZZ would apply to all contracts where “information and communications technology” (“ICT”) is used or provided in the performance of the contract.

What is ICT? ICT is just about anything computer related. ICT includes computers and their peripheral equipment, telecommunications equipment, computer software, and electronic documents. In other words, if a contractor uses a computer or related device in the performance of a government contract, then FAR 52.239-ZZ would likely apply.

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