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60-Second Sustains: Deloitte Consulting LLP and Softrams LLC

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Deloitte Consulting LLP
B-422094; B-422094.2

  • During the evaluation of the awardee’s quotation, the Department of Homeland Security identified a potential Organizational Conflict of Interest (“OCI”) with one of the awardee’s proposed teaming partners.
  • The Agency engaged in discussions with the awardee, in which the awardee informed the Agency that the teaming partner with the potential OCI would be immediately removed from the team and would not participate in the program upon award.
  • Deloitte argued that the agency failed to consider the impact of the teammate’s removal on the awardee’s proposed approach to performance.
  • The Agency provided declarations asserting that the agency had considered the elimination of the teaming partner and its impact on performance, but the Government Accountability Office (“GAO”) found that those declarations were unsupported by the contemporaneous record and gave them little weight.
  • GAO sustained the protester’s argument that the Agency’s evaluation was unreasonable because it failed to consider the elimination of the teaming partner.

Deloitte Consulting LLP; Softrams, LLC


  • Both protesters alleged numerous instances where the Library of Congress engaged in disparate treatment by assessing strengths for elements of the awardees’ proposals that were substantially indistinguishable from the protesters’ proposal features that did not receive strengths.
  • In most cases, the Agency argued that the strengths in question stemmed from differences between the proposals or that the protesters’ proposal features were, in fact, captured in the evaluation. However, in a few instances, the Agency instead argued that the disparate treatment was insignificant or did not prejudice the protesters.
  • GAO found these instances amounted to a concession by the Agency that there had been disparate treatment and sustained these protests, since the competition was extremely close and any change in competitive standing could have impacted source selection.

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