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Sexual Assault on Campus: Risk Management After Weinstein and #MeToo

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Thanks in part to the #MeToo movement, the focus on sexual assaults, including sexual assaults on college campuses, has changed in recent years.

In addition to modifying the stigma associated with reporting sexual assaults, the #MeToo movement is forcing college (and corporate) campus administrators and risk managers to refocus their efforts on sexual assault education and prevention.


Natasha Romagnoli, a partner with Blank Rome, who has represented many universities and high schools, said it also exposes an institution to possible entanglement with litigation.

“The costs of investigating, litigating or even settling claims against the institution arising out of sexual assaults can cost institutions millions of dollars,” Romagnoli said.

High-profile sexual assault cases and high statistics of sexual assault may also lead to lower alumni donations, fewer student applications and difficulty holding onto or attracting faculty.

"Sexual Assault on Campus: Risk Management After Weinstein and #MeToo," by Maura Keller was published in Risk & Insurance on September 12, 2019.