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NFL Suspends Atlanta Falcons Star For Betting On Games


The NFL said Monday that Atlanta Falcons receiver Calvin Ridley will be banned at least through the conclusion of the 2022 season for betting on league games last year.


But one of the major concerns with its legalization has been the potential risk to the integrity of the games. By making the betting market legal and regulated, it creates structures to detect suspicious activity.

"My bet is that there was a legal sportsbook that decided that they had to report the wager," Stephen D. Schrier, co-chair of the gaming and sports practices at Blank Rome LLP, told Law360 on Monday. "Hopefully, it is a lesson to be learned, and part of that lesson is the regulatory structure presumably created the obligation on the sports betting companies to report this kind of thing. And I assume they would."

"The fact that he was not an active player at the time, makes it clear that the NFL wants to send a message to its players," he continued.

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"NFL Suspends Atlanta Falcons Star For Betting On Games," by Zachary Zagger was published in Law360 on March 7, 2022.