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Jump in GAO Protest Sustains Seems Tied to One Procurement (1)

Bloomberg Law

The Government Accountability Office’s protest sustain rate increased from 13% to 31% in fiscal year 2023, but that that increase appears to stem from numerous successful challenges to one IT procurement.


Elizabeth Jochum of Blank Rome said, “I think there was a sense in the protest community that, given the CIO-SP4 sustains, it might be even harder to get a sustain in the latter half of fiscal 2023 than it would be otherwise.”

“It’s unclear from this report if that panned out, but the perception or fear certainly drove a lot of protests to the Court of Federal Claims,” she said.

“And, of course, with CIO-SP4 still in reevaluation, there’s still a chance of another protest onslaught related to that procurement,” Jochum said

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"Jump in GAO Protest Sustains Seems Tied to One Procurement (1)," by Daniel Seiden was published in Bloomberg Law on October 30, 2023.