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Hawaii Insurance Agent Busy Sorting out Coverage Mess from Lava Flows

Insurance Journal

It could be an understatement to say Amber Lopez, principal at Pacific Island Insurance LLC in Hawaii, has been busy over the past month as the island state’s erupting Kilauea sends lava flows throughout neighborhoods.


Yet there are still even more insurance nuisances to be considered, according to Dave Thomas, an attorney specializing in insurance recovery and complex commercial litigation with Blank Rome.

Some property losses may not be merely from fire due to lava flow, but losses might be due to multiple causes, or concurrent causation, Thomas noted.

“It’s something that I would be shocked if it did not play a role in,” Thomas said.

Although, in his experience, many policies have an anti-concurrent causation provision, or ACC, efficient proximate cause is also a factor that’s likely to come into play as insurers and policyholders sort out the mess from the lava damage.

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"Hawaii Insurance Agent Busy Sorting out Coverage Mess from Lava Flows," by Don Jergler was published in Insurance Journal on June 6, 2018.