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Gov’t Contracting Policies to Watch in 2024


The policy changes federal contractors can expect to see in 2024 include the finalization of a contentious emissions disclosure rule, changes to standards underpinning federal cybersecurity programs and the potential for the U.S. government to exercise more purchasing power.

Here, Law360 previews important upcoming policy changes that are likely to affect federal contractors in 2024.


As part of a broader focus on climate change and decarbonization by the Biden administration, the Federal Acquisition Regulatory Council is expected to finalize a rule this year that would require contractors to reveal and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.


"One of the big issues … is how do you accurately measure these emissions?" said Justin Chiarodo, chair of Blank Rome LLP's government contracts practice group. "It's a really significant challenge, when you're looking at a diffuse supply chain — many different types of products, many different types of service providers — how can you get a standard in place that is viewed as objective, viewed as fair, and that will actually allow policy decisions to be made in a way that advances this initiative?"

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"Gov’t Contracting Policies to Watch in 2024," by Daniel Wilson was published in Law360 on January 1, 2023.