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China Tensions ‘Center of Gravity’ for Strategic Risk Planning among Attorneys and C-Suite

The National Law Journal

Attorneys, general counsels and C-suite stakeholders with corporate exposure to China are facing an increasingly fluid and rapidly evolving legislative and regulatory landscape forcing them to move strategic risk planning front and center—and the number of players from Capitol Hill to government agencies all the way to the White House has been growing steadily, making the assessment of future risk scenarios involving China more complicated by the day.


Blank Rome partner Anthony Rapa equally underscores the urgency felt among industry stakeholders to “get into substantial and perhaps even serious planning with respect to geopolitical risk regarding China.”

“It’s the center of gravity,” he said.


What makes the situation challenging is that “there is a lot of information to be consumed and synthesized in getting that to the point it could be disseminated to the C-suite,” Rapa said.


Meanwhile, there is a growing number of political players involved from the Select China Committee on the Chinese Communist Party to the Department of Commerce, the Department of the Treasury and the White House. As reported previously, attorneys anticipate an executive order soon to be issued by President Joe Biden to curb outbound investment from the U.S. to China, a measure also referred to as “reverse CFIUS.”

“We’re operating in a different paradigm now where policymakers are really coming up with new and well-calibrated tools to focus on areas of strategic interests for the United States,” Rapa said.

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"China Tensions ‘Center of Gravity’ for Strategic Risk Planning among Attorneys and C-Suite," by Christine Schiffner was published in The National Law Journal on May 1, 2023.