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Biden, Xi Reopen Communication without Reducing Tension


President Joe Biden affirmed the U.S. position that aggressive competition with China should not devolve into conflict during his first face-to-face meeting as head of state with President Xi Jinping in Bali on Monday, according to a readout of the talks.


While the U.S. continues deepening ties with Taipei, Biden nevertheless averred his administration's commitment to the One China policy both at the meeting and in a press conference afterward.

"This is consistent with the administration's overall approach of adhering to the long-standing U.S. position of 'strategic ambiguity' regarding Taiwan," Anthony Rapa, the head of Blank Rome LLP's national security practice, told Law360.

"To the extent any prior remarks by President Biden regarding U.S. military defense of Taiwan were inconsistent with that position, the president's remarks during the G-20 meeting with Xi were squarely within the contours of the long-standing U.S. position," he added.

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"Biden, Xi Reopen Communication without Reducing Tension," by Jennifer Doherty was published in Law360 on November 14, 2022.