Managing & Mitigating Fiduciary Liability & Risks in Extraordinary Times

Blank Rome-Hosted Live Webinar

Online via WebEx

Join Blank Rome Partners Stephen D. Brodie and Sean R. Weissbart, Coherent Capital Management Managing Principal Mark Garbin, Sotheby’s Chairman of Fiduciary Client Group & Valuations Mari-Claudia Jiménez, and Nomadx Solutions President & CEO Judith L. Pearson as they offer their insights on potential fiduciary liabilities and risks in managing, investing, and valuing trust property in our tumultuous political culture and rapidly evolving economy, including: 

  • The dynamics of a trustee’s fiduciary role and responsibilities such as the degree of expertise required and independence desired.
  • The challenges for trustees in dealing with valuation, conflicts of interest, and transferring risk in the current environment.
  • Proactive strategies that fiduciaries can use to insulate themselves from liability and also best position their client/the estate’s interest to maximize value.
  • What grantors should consider when selecting a trustee from a business perspective.

Topics will include:

  • The benefits and drawbacks of liquid vs Illiquid alternative investments and regulated vs non-regulated vehicles.
  • Best practices for fiduciaries to avoid the potential pitfalls and risks they face when disposing of “exotic” assets such as art.
  • Changing wealth transfer structures and the related risk profiles.
  • Laws surrounding trust investments that maximize social impact and responsibility.
  • Mitigating and transferring trustee liability for impact investing.




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