Speaking Engagement

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, E-mail, and Smartphone Evidence: The Ultimate Guide

On-Demand Webinar

Blank Rome Associate Anthony R. Yanez presents on “How to Authenticate ESI: Step-by-Step” in the National Business Institute’s on-demand CLE program, “Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, E-mail, and Smartphone Evidence: The Ultimate Guide.”

The comprehensive course discusses processes, procedures, and the latest case law regarding these groundbreaking new forms of evidence and provides invaluable insight into proven ways for identifying, preserving, producing, admitting, and blocking electronically stored information (“ESI”).

Anthony’s presentation covers:

  • Proactively Ensuring Authenticity of ESI
  • Has the ESI Changed? What Evidence is Needed to Prove it Hasn't?
  • How to Prove Electric Documents Have Not Been Modified
  • Have the Systems Been Altered? How to Prove Reliability
  • Identifying Who Made the Post and Linking to the Purported Author
  • Is the Evidence What the Proponent Claims?
  • Does the ESI Have Distinctive Characteristics?
  • Examination of Circumstantial Evidence
  • State Interpretation of Federal Rule 901
  • Prima Facie Demonstration
  • Proven Methods for Testing ESI (Comparison, Control, HASH Tags, Encryption and Metadata)
  • Self-Authentication Methods
  • Real-Life Examples and Recent Case Law

For more information or to watch the full on-demand course, please click here.