Maritime - Litigation

Repelling Boarders

 "The group is excellent for complicated and difficult litigation
where there's a lot of money at stake.
—Chambers USA

"The firm has a fantastic reputation in the international shipping community."
—Chambers Global

Blank Rome Maritime represents clients in all aspects of maritime disputes, including marine casualties and P&I issues; freight, demurrage, and defense insurance incidents and claims; charterparty and contract disputes; insurance coverage and subrogation matters; salvage and general average claims; bankruptcy; environmental matters; and internal investigations and criminal defense.

When maritime executives face civil and criminal charges or when their companies are threatened by regulatory action, Blank Rome Maritime is armed with a large team of defense attorneys who focus on the maritime industry.  In addition, our attorneys have more experience in maritime arbitration than any other U.S. firm.  We routinely handle matters in the following areas:

  • marine casualties
  • collisions, allisions, groundings, and sinkings
  • charterparty and contract disputes
  • vessel construction/shipbuilding disputes
  • cargo claims
  • protection and indemnity claims
  • freight, demurrage, and defense insurance claims
  • insurance coverage and subrogation matters
  • tug and tow matters
  • arrests and attachments
  • commercial disputes
  • bankruptcy
  • salvage and general average claims
  • environmental matters
  • defense of criminal, civil, and administrative actions
  • mediation and alternative dispute resolution
  • internal and government investigations

Blank Rome Maritime also represents its maritime clients in nonmaritime corporate and commercial disputes of all types.  We regularly handle complex, multi-jurisdictional, and international maritime and commercial litigation matters.

White Collar, Internal, and Government Investigations

When a company or its officers are facing a government investigation, a whistleblower’s accusations, or self-discovered misconduct, they need experienced counsel to handle the allegations, while mitigating the damage to the corporation’s or individual’s reputation.  The best defense often requires a combination of skilled investigative tactics, savvy media relations, and effective negotiating strategies, plus a seasoned trial and appellate team.  Blank Rome Maritime has this unique experience, drawing upon internationally known trial lawyers and former U.S. federal prosecutors, as well as homegrown defense attorneys.

Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Many disputes can best be resolved through alternative dispute resolution (ADR), which can include negotiation, mediation, and arbitration.  Using maritime arbitrators to resolve disputes can be quick, cost-effective, and can avoid negative publicity.  ADR also allows the continued conduct of other commercial arrangements by isolating the matter in dispute.

Members of Blank Rome Maritime are often called upon to serve as arbitrators.  Our attorneys have been counsel of record in more than 600 New York arbitration awards reported by the Society of Maritime Arbitrators in New York—more than any other firm in the United States.

International Litigation

Our attorneys have also served as expert witnesses in international litigation on numerous occasions, testifying in worldwide courts on issues of American law.  One recent case involved a major reinsurance dispute before the High Court of Justice in London arising out of the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill.