NAPABA Has a Lobby Day and So Should You!

The Philadelphia Lawyer Article

A “lobby day” is an event hosted by a non-governmental organization, usually on a select day and an annual basis, where its members meet personally with elected officials to advocate and explain support for legislation that is relevant to the organization. It is also sometimes called an “Advocacy Day.”

The National Asian Pacific American Bar Association, otherwise known as the NAPABA, which is the national association of Asian Pacific American (“APA”) attorneys, judges, law professors and law students, hosts an annual lobby day in Washington, D.C. for its members from across the country to participate in the legislative process as lay persons. The primary purpose of NAPABA lobby day is to provide timely advocacy on pending legislation or legislative action by educating members of Congress and their congressional staffers about the significance of these issues to the APA legal community and community-at-large. NAPABA lobby day also gives NAPABA members the opportunity to play an active role in promoting NAPABA’s mission of advocating for justice, equity and opportunity for APAs.

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“NAPABA Has a Lobby Day and So Should You!” by Sophia Lee was published in the Fall 2016 issue of The Philadelphia Lawyer (Vol. 79, No. 3). Reprinted with permission.