Michigan Veto Pushes Online Gaming to 2019


Update: Governor vetoes Michigan online gambling bill.

Michigan’s online gaming industry was faced with a setback on Friday, as outgoing Governor Rick Snyder vetoed the legislation that would legalize online gaming and open the door for sports wagering in Michigan. While recognizing the efforts of those that got the legislation this far, Governor Snyder ultimately decided to veto the legislation citing a lack of data and a number of concerns he had with the bill.

In a letter to the Michigan legislature, Governor Snyder said that he was concerned that passing the bill could divert revenue from Michigan’s Lottery program; that revenue may be lost as consumers shift from on-premises gambling to online gambling; and that without more study, there was a reasonable chance that the state could lose revenue that could be helpful in dealing with social service issues that are ordinarily attendant to increased gambling behavior. The Governor noted that, by his veto, he was allowing the legislature and new administration to more thoroughly evaluate the impact of online gaming.

Despite the current delay, proponents of the bill expect to reintroduce the legislation in the coming year as Governor Snyder leaves office on January 1, 2019. Governor Snyder’s letter can be found at: