The Business Lawyer

Blank Rome Partner Stephen T. Whelan co-authored the survey article on “Leases” for the Fall 2020 edition of The Business Lawyer.

Article Excerpt:

Case Law Developments

This survey covers several 2019 cases involving parties to equipment financing transactions or with third parties disputing aspects of the transaction or the related equipment. The courts in these cases considered many of the fundamental issues in establishing and enforcing the respective rights, obligations, interests, and remedies associated with equipment financing agreements. The issues covered in the following cases include whether a transaction documented as a lease creates a true “lease” or a security interest, a lessor’s damages remedies, vicarious liability of a lessor, issues relating to forum selection clauses, the rights of assignees of interests under a lease, and issues surrounding certainty of payment, such as hell-or-high-water clauses.

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“Leases,” by Dominic A. Liberatore, Edward K. Gross, and Stephen T. Whelan* was published in the Fall 2020 edition of The Business Lawyer, a publication of the American Bar Association, Business Law Section. Reprinted with permission.

* Dominic A. Liberatore serves as deputy general counsel for De Lage Landen Financial Services, Inc. Edward K. Gross practices law with Vedder Price P.C.