Ignoring Compelling Legislative History Opens PAGA Floodgates

Daily Journal

Blank Rome Partner Laura Reathaford authored the article, “Ignoring Compelling Legislative History Opens PAGA Floodgates,” in the June 4, 2018, edition of the Daily Journal. In her article, Laura discusses the PAGA case decision by the California Court of Appeal in Huff v. Securitas Security Services USA, Inc., which recently held that any employee who was affected by at least one Labor Code violation can pursue civil penalties for other Labor Code violations suffered by other employees. Laura determines that, had the Huff court read all of the comments contained within PAGA’s legislative history in full context, it should have reached the opposite conclusion: that employees can only collect PAGA penalties for Labor Code violations they have experienced—and not for Labor Code violations experienced purely by others. To learn more, please visit