Hurricane Dorian Resources

Severe Weather Emergency Recovery Team

As Hurricane Dorian heads to a landfall in Florida over Labor Day weekend, reports indicate that the storm is expected to strengthen into a Category 4 hurricane and may cause widespread damage, business interruption, and travel disruption for a large part of the state for days and weeks to come.

Blank Rome’s interdisciplinary Severe Weather Emergency Recovery Team (“SWERT”) has developed the following resources for those in the path of the storm or with vested business interests in the affected regions, which we hope you will find helpful:

Our thoughts are with those in the path of the storm, and our SWERT team stands ready to provide assistance on FEMA and insurance issues to individuals and businesses who are preparing for, or are impacted, by Hurricane Dorian.

For additional information, please contact Alan RubinJohn Heintz, or a member of Blank Rome's SWERT team.