How to Defend Against Patent Trolls Without Breaking the Bank

White Paper

Patent trolls—those who seek to enforce patent rights, but do not actually manufacture or supply services based on the patents—are a problem for almost all companies, large and small. In 2012, almost 60% of all patent suits were filed by trolls, with over 6,000 companies sued by trolls.

In this comprehensive paper on patent trolls, Blank Rome attorneys Ken Bressler and Chris Hu present their recommendations on how to mitigate potentially crippling patent litigation and its adverse financial consequences, while defending your company and maintaining normal business operations.

Featured Content Includes:

  • Settle with the Troll
  • Modify Your Product to Design Around the Patent
  • Move to Dismiss the Case when it Commences
  • Move for Sanctions
  • Move for Summary Judgment
  • Challenge the Patent at the Patent Office
  • Reduce Costs if You Cannot Get Out of the Case Early
  • Avoid Being Sued in the First Place

Winning a case means little if your company does not survive. How to Defend Against Patent Trolls Without Breaking the Bank can counsel your company through today's threat of patent trolls and provide recommendations on how to preserve your company's vitality, both now and in the future.

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