Chapter: Suspension and Debarment

Litigating Small Business Size Appeals and Protests

Blank Rome Government Contracts partner Justin A. Chiarodo, who serves as chair of the firm’s Government Contracts practice group, and associate Carolyn R. Cody-Jones co-authored the chapter on “Suspension and Debarment” for the American Bar Association’s Litigating Small Business Size Appeals and Protests (ABA Publishing, July 22, 2021).

This guide brings together experienced government and private practitioners to provide a practical overview of the key areas of litigation small business contractors may face, and covers the following topics by chapter:

  1. Procedural Issues in Size Protests
  2. Procedural Issues in Size Appeals
  3. Substantive Issues in Size Protests and Appeals
  4. Eligibility Appeals
  5. NAICS Appeals
  6. SBIR Litigation
  7. OHA Appeals: Practice Tips
  8. Small Business Issues at the Court of Federal Claims
  9. Small Business Issues at the Government Accountability Office
  10. Small Business Contracting with Federal Aviation Administration
  11. Fraud/False Claims Act
  12. Suspension and Debarment

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