BR Pride Q&A with Brett Snyder and Beth Connors

Launched in 2008, BR Pride is our LGBTQ+ affinity group for attorneys and legal professionals that is committed to fostering an atmosphere of meaningful inclusion that continuously supports our LGBTQ+ community, both locally and nationally. This year, BR Pride is implementing and enhancing several initiatives to advance our firm’s strategic goals, including adding opportunities for associate leadership, developing additional relationships with LGBTQ+ affinity groups at various law schools, partnering with the National LGBTQ+ Bar Association to provide professional development training, and continuing to focus on client relationships for pro bono and community events. 

Below is a Q&A with our BR Pride co-chairs, present and past, Brett Snyder (present) and Beth Connors (past), where they talk about their experience as affinity group leaders at Blank Rome and share their personal interests to give more insight into their lives outside of work.

Brett A. Snyder
Beth Bernstein Connors Headshot

Q&A with Brett Snyder and Beth Connors, BR Pride Co-Chairs (Present and Past)

  1. Why is serving as an affinity group leader important to you?

Brett Snyder: I think it is worthwhile for both lawyer and law firm to have a structured approach to promote the strengths, and to address the needs, of groups that have been historically underrepresented in firms and partnerships. Affinity groups also provide additional opportunities to build relationships with clients by working alongside them to accomplish goals meaningful to them.

Beth Connors: Creating internal visibility and safe spaces for group members to feel heard, included, and celebrated is my first priority. Equally important is serving as a liaison and a representative of the group and its members’ interests when weighing in on firm policies, participating in attorney recruiting, and communicating with firm leadership.

  1. What skills and/or experience do you leverage to be an affinity group leader?

Brett Snyder: Organization and experience in integrating an affinity group’s actions into Blank Rome’s goals.

Beth Connors: Being able to listen to and learn from different perspectives.

  1. What is your favorite weekend pastime?

Brett Snyder: Travel. Even if only for a few days, travel refreshes a person and helps them break out of patterns.

Beth Connors: Being outside with my family in Brooklyn, running, and watching my twin toddlers play soccer.

  1. What is your favorite food?

Brett Snyder: The comfort foods I grew up with in Pennsylvania Dutch country, like shoo fly pie, chicken corn soup, and ring bologna.

Beth Connors: Breakfast. Especially the mix of sweet and savory, like French toast with turkey bacon.

  1. What quote inspires and uplifts you when times are hard?

Brett Snyder: It may be a misquote, but I have always liked the idea that “Every problem has a solution.”

Beth Connors: “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”