W. Cameron Beard


Cameron Beard concentrates his practice on commercial litigation, with particular emphasis on international disputes, judgment enforcement, corporate veil-piercing, and maritime matters.

Many of Cameron’s clients are foreign individuals and business entities who require representation in the United States.

Cameron is fluent in Norwegian.

Cameron served as law clerk to the Honorable B. Avant Edenfield, United States District Court for the Southern District of Georgia. He was co-editor-in-chief of the Connecticut Journal of International Law and associate editor of the Connecticut Law Review. He has written numerous articles about international litigation and related topics.


  • Enforcement in the United States of Foreign Judgments that Incorporate Monetary “Penalty” Provisions. This note discusses situations in which foreign judgments incorporating “penalty” provisions may be enforceable in the United States, despite this country’s general prohibition on the enforcement of foreign penal laws. Mainbrace, 2017.
  • Collection of Evidence in the U.S. Pursuant to 28 U.S.C. Section 1782 for Use in Foreign Private Arbitrations. This article discusses the conflicting case law regarding the question whether United States statutory law can be used to collect evidence in the United States for use in purely private foreign arbitrations. Mainbrace, 2017.
  • Collection of Evidence in the United States for Use in Foreign Legal Proceedings under 28 U.S.C. Section 1782; Recent Highlights. This article discusses recent developments with respect to the use of federal statutory law to collect evidence in the United States for use in foreign legal proceedings. Mainbrace, 2014.
  • An Update on the Collection of Evidence in the United States for Use in Foreign Private Arbitrations. This article addresses the circumstances under which a United States federal court may or may not allow evidence to be collected in the United States for use in foreign private arbitrations. Mainbrace, 2013.
  • Assertion of Privilege in Section 1782 Proceedings to Collect Evidence in the U.S. for Use Before a Foreign Tribunal: Lessons from Chevron. This article addresses the assertion of privilege in proceedings in the United States to collect evidence for foreign legal proceedings. International Litigation & ADR Update, 2011.
  • Foreign Data Privacy Laws — The New Frontier in U.S. Litigation. This article discusses the potential conflicts faced by parties to United States litigation, who may need to reconcile their obligations, on the one hand, to adhere to United State rules requiring broad disclosure of evidence with their obligations under certain rules applicable abroad, on the other hand, which may prohibit or limit certain kinds of disclosure. International Litigation & ADR Update, 2010.
  • Useful Tools for Collection of Evidence in the United States in Connection with Norwegian Bankruptcies and Other Norwegian Legal Proceedings, 28 U.S.C. § 1782 and 11 U.S.C. § 1521(a)(4). This article describes statutory tools available under United States law for the collection of evidence in the United States for use in foreign legal proceedings. Norwegian Bankruptcy Review Board, 2008.
  • Protect Your Corporate Veil. This article addresses common-sense steps corporations can take to reduce the likelihood of corporate veil piercing and the resultant imposition of liability on corporate shareholders. Mainbrace, 2001.
  • General Agency Agreements and Admiralty Jurisdiction. This article discussed the status of general agency agreements under United States maritime law and suggested that certain such agreements are in fact “maritime contracts,” disputes regarding which should be within the admiralty jurisdiction of the United States federal courts. The article was cited by the United States Supreme Court in a 1991 decision. Connecticut Law Review, 1985.
  • A Lawyer’s Privilege against Self-Incrimination in Professional Disciplinary Proceedings. Yale Law Journal, 1987.


Cameron has represented:

  • Foreign manufacturers of a rocket launching platform and support vessel, in a federal court dispute with joint venture partners regarding direct and alter ego liability for bank financing obligations.
  • A foreign manufacturer of green technology, in a substantial federal court personal injury action, successfully securing a dismissal of action on forum non conveniens grounds, with the matter being referred to foreign courts for disposition.
  • A foreign owner of a floating production storage and offloading vessel (“FPSO”), in federal court action seeking damages for a breach of warranty from a U.S. manufacturer of gas compressors.
  • A foreign telecommunications service provider, in a federal court action seeking damages for breach of contract and racketeering activity from a U.S. telecommunications company.
  • Both plaintiffs and defendants in numerous federal court actions brought to pierce the corporate veil for purposes of imposing liability on corporate entities’ ultimate owners.
  • An insurance broker, in a professional liability claim arising out of an issuance of a nationwide workers’ compensation policy for a professional employer organization.
  • A megayacht broker. against a professional liability claim arising out of a failed sale transaction.
  • Lifeboat manufacturers, in connection with products liability and related insurance claims.

Cameron has also cooperated with:

  • Foreign administrators of decedent and bankruptcy estates, in actions resulting in recovery of assets for distribution to estate beneficiaries and creditors.
  • Foreign parties or their counsel seeking to collect evidence in the United States for use in legal proceedings abroad, including the collection of documentary or testimonial evidence, even prior to filing suit in the foreign forum, utilizing United States statutory law (28 U.S.C. § 1782).

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  • Connecticut Bar Association
  • International Bar Association
  • Maritime Law Association of the United States
  • Norwegian American Chamber of Commerce
Professional Activities

Cameron is a director and currently serves as executive vice president of the Norwegian American Chamber of Commerce.



  • Connecticut
  • New York


  • Georgetown University, BA, cum laude
  • University of Connecticut School of Law, JD, with high honors