Alan D. Christenson


Alan Christenson’s practice focuses on patent law, where he helps his clients obtain strategic patent coverage for their inventive concepts. His creativity and experience result in easy-to-follow patent applications that account for client individuality and current legal issues. In addition to domestic filings, Alan has significant experience with Patent Cooperation Treaty filings and working with foreign counsel in Europe, Asia, South America, and Australia. 

Alan utilizes his electrical engineering background to handle projects for a wide range of technologies, including electrical circuits, software, data security, wireless technologies, client/server operations, optical devices, and semiconductor design. After years of representing oilfield service companies, he also has significant experience in downhole drilling, communication, and sensing technologies, including resistivity, seismic, acoustic, optical, and nuclear magnetic resonance sensing. 

Alan takes a holistic approach to understanding and supporting his clients’ businesses. Examples of Alan’s approachinclude counseling his clients on best practices for international patent coverage; developing guidelines that define the role of U.S. attorneys and foreign counsel; counseling inventors on how to think about patents; and taking on custom projects, such as patentability searches and opinions, portfolio analysis and classification, and trademark registrations.

Alan is fluent in Spanish and counsels Spanish-speaking clients regarding intellectual property issues. He can provide or review translations, and has performed litigation discovery document review of Spanish language documents.

Outside the Firm

Alan enjoys creativity. Technology, music, literature, sports, and food are all appreciated. Recent activities include taking guitar lessons, preparing online recipes, and creating new fictional characters.



  • Houston Intellectual Property Law Association
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers



  • Texas
  • U.S. Patent and Trademark Office


  • University of Houston Law Center, JD
  • Brigham Young University, BS