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Workers Can Save the Environment One Telework Day at a Time

April 22 is Earth Day, serving as a reminder to employers that flexible work options reduce costs, make employees happy and can have a positive effect on the environment.


Have Open Offices Made Telecommuting Popular?

Beyond the potential positive environmental effects, the rise of telecommuting may be occurring because of companies’ decisions to design open office spaces, Scott Cooper, a partner in the Philadelphia office of Blank Rome Counselors at Law LLP, said April 18. In an open office floor plan, employers and workers are battling over the potential positive effects of collaboration versus the negative effects of lost privacy, and workers are asking for flexibility, Cooper said.

Younger workers, in particular, find the traditional open office plan stifling, according to Cooper. Millennials want to be able to find focus when they need it and collaboration when they want it, he said. Differing workplace demands will likely only further collide and could even lead to conflicts among employees, he said.

“Companies are reconsidering the best environment for their employees” given the technology available to most of the workforce, Asima Ahmad, an associate in the Philadelphia office of Blank Rome, said April 18. Telecommuting is a popular solution for employers, because employees who work from home report higher job satisfaction and loyalty to the organization, making for more productive workers, she said.

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"Workers Can Save the Environment One Telework Day at a Time," by Genevieve Douglas was published in Bloomberg BNA on April 20, 2017.