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Will Big Drugmakers Mimic Purdue on Opioid Marketing?


Purdue Pharma’s decision to scale back its opioid marketing amid an onslaught of litigation will force many big drugmakers to consider similar moves, potentially marking a seminal moment in the nation’s brutal opioid epidemic.


“It seems to me like what they’re trying to do is position the case in a way takes [away] the incentive for states to continue to go after them,” said Nicholas Harbist of Blank Rome LLP. “'To the extent that we were doing things that you think were inappropriate ... we’re not doing it anymore, so really all [that's] left is if there is any damage that we caused that we owe you for.'”


OxyContin is so widely known and prescribed that Purdue may have decided that it wouldn’t lose very much money if it laid off half of its sales representatives, Harbist said.

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"Will Big Drugmakers Mimic Purdue on Opioid Marketing?," by Emily Field and Jeff Overley was published in Law360 on February 12, 2018.