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Still Sending Christmas Cards to Clients? Consider Something More Personal

Corporate Counsel

Along with traditional gifts and holiday cards, Duane Morris partner Jerry Maatman received one particularly thoughtful holiday present a few years ago, after decisively defeating a major corporate lawsuit against a client.


Those who choose not to practice holiday traditions may still be able to get away with skipping the ritual altogether, but only if there are more personal avenues of expression available.

Blank Rome partner Mara Levin, who helps lead the firm’s labor and employment practice in New York, has found success in skipping the holiday cards entirely. Instead, she makes sure to recognize milestones in a client’s personal life, whenever the client is open to that. Recognition could include anything from remembering a child’s birthday to sending baby shower gifts.

“That’s the way to say, ‘I appreciate your business,’” Levin said. “That’s how you can express that you care about them more personally than just as a client.”

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"Still Sending Christmas Cards to Clients? Consider Something More Personal," by Hugo Guzman was published in Corporate Counsel on December 14, 2022.