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Retired Federal Judge Nathaniel R. Jones on ‘Answering the Call’

Blank Rome Of Counsel Judge Nathaniel Jones was featured on In Black America, a national radio program dedicated to all facets of the African American experience, on March 6, 2017. Each week, it profiles a diverse selection of current and historically significant figures whose stories help illuminate life in Black America.

In his interview, Judge Jones expanded on his path-breaking career forged in the 1960s—serving as the first African American Assistant U.S. Attorney in Ohio; Assistant General Counsel of the Kerner Commission; and, beginning in 1969, as general counsel of the NAACP. He also spoke on his autobiography, Answering the Call, saying the work is devoted to the life of an individual, but is also the story of a civil rights struggle and its impact on one man.

To listen to the full interview, please click here.