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Prenuptial Agreements Contain More Bizarre 'Lifestyle' Clauses

Would you be willing to alter your behavior to tie the knot?

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx made waves when they were spotted holding hands on a beach in Malibu this week. Although the couple has been reportedly dating for five years, it was the first time they were seen together in public—allegedly because Tom Cruise had a clause in his divorce settlement with Holmes prohibiting her from publicly dating another man after their divorce for a certain period of time. (Representatives for Holmes, Foxx, and Cruise did not respond to requests for comment).


For most prenuptial agreements, however, “lifestyle clauses” would include less salacious demands, said New York City-based attorney Lois Liberman. They include requirements that children born from the marriage be raised in a certain country, or under a certain religion, even in case of divorce. “I do not like to legislate people’s lives during their marriage,” she said. “Prenups are contracts that are supposed to be utilized during death or divorce. There is no ‘schmuck police’ to come stop someone from being a bad partner.”

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"Prenuptial Agreements Contain More Bizarre 'Lifestyle' Clauses," by Kari Paul was published in MarketWatch on September 9, 2017.