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Opt-Out Button Gets Scrapped in Latest Round of CCPA Amendments

The Daily Swig

An obligatory website icon aimed at providing consumers with a visual indication that they can opt out of their personal data being sold has been scrapped in the latest series of amendments to California’s upcoming state privacy law.

In the second set of modifications proposed this month, lawmakers behind the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) has removed the reported limitation put on businesses to shore up their data collection practices by implementing a ‘useable icon and tagline’ for consumers.


David Oberly, associate at US law firm Blank Rome, thinks that this criticism prompted the removal of the icon, or button, in the latest CCPA draft regulations. Critics were concerned that “the button would generate significant confusion”, Oberly said in an email to The Daily Swig.

“While the button looked like it would operate like a ‘switch’ to effect an opt out – the regulations required that the button actually operate as a link to the company’s Notice of Right to Opt-Out,” he said.

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“Opt-Out Button Gets Scrapped in Latest Round of CCPA Amendments,” by Catherine Chapman was published in The Daily Swig on March 27, 2020,