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Now at the Top, Pa. Women Dealmakers Look to Grow Ranks

Blank Rome Partner Linsey B. Bozzelli, who serves as vice chair of the Firm’s corporate, M&A, and securities practice group, was recently interviewed by The Legal Intelligencer on gender equality in the legal industry and her professional experience of becoming a top woman dealmaker in Pennsylvania.

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Excerpt from The Legal Intelligencer:

Mergers and acquisitions and private equity have traditionally been among the most lucrative areas for lawyers to practice. Just ask the men who have long dominated both.

But while they remain outnumbered, some women dealmakers in Pennsylvania have climbed into leadership roles at their firm's transactional practices. They told The Legal that their success is proof of progress in the industry, even if gender equity is still far off.


But to get more women in the room, those in leadership have to "pay it forward," said Linsey Bozzelli, vice chair of Blank Rome's corporate, M&A and securities practice.

"I don't ever get the feeling that anybody has any ill will toward having women as part of the team or as part of their organization. I just think they don't notice," Bozzelli said. "It takes having someone at the table speaking up when there's disparity."


The Next Generation

Bozzelli, who started her career at Blank Rome in 1999, said she was never the victim of overt sexism or outright refusal to negotiate because she was a woman. But, she said, to this day she is often the only woman in the deal room, negotiating opposite all male lawyers.

"It's just sort of the world I've grown up in, so I'm used to it," she said.

Bozzelli said she's noticed a sense of camaraderie among female transactional lawyers, however, especially in Philadelphia, where she works. As someone who has benefited from having female and male mentors, she said, it's her generation's turn to help young women lawyers "understand there's a place for them in this world."

“Now at the Top, Pa. Women Dealmakers Look to Grow Ranks,” by Lizzy McLellan was published in The Legal Intelligencer on April 10, 2017.