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New Breed of Law Firm Execs Drive Innovation to Next Level

Bloomberg Law

In late 2018, one of the first tasks of the new chief innovation and value officer at Blank Rome, Linda Novosel, was to work with associates and practice groups to spur legal innovation ideas.


Blank Rome has gone a different route. Firm leaders expect that the new technologies and processes adopted through their work, both within their clients’ legal departments and at the firm, will yield money-saving efficiencies for both, Novosel said.

In either case, CINOs and law firm consultants say the goal is to drive value for clients—which in turn cements their loyalty.

“It’s a value-add for our clients,” Novosel, who’s been with Blank Rome since September, told Bloomberg Law. “The fact that the firm has invested in this—they love it.”

"New Breed of Law Firm Execs Drive Innovation to Next Level," by Sam Skolnik was published in Bloomberg Law on January 16, 2019.