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Most Active Architectural Zoning Attorneys in Philadelphia

Design Blendz

When it comes to the Philadelphia Architectural Zoning Process, there are plenty of unknowns and complex processes required to get buildings approved. It is advised to hire a zoning  professional when your project does not meet a by right scenario. When presenting a project that is owned by an LLC, you are required to have a lawyer appear at the Zoning Board of Adjustments in Philadelphia. 

Between the architectural design process, zoning submission, talking to the local RCO's, standing in front of ZBA, it is best to put together a rockstar team. We are now half way through the year 2019, and we have compiled a list of the 20 most active zoning attorneys in the City of Philadelphia with their current results.


Firm: Blank Rome LLP
Name: Peter Kelsen
Appearances: Granted: Denied: 1

"Most Active Architectural Zoning Attorneys in Philadelphia," by Brian Corcodilos was published in Design Blendz on June 25, 2019.