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More Couples Inquiring of Divorce with New Tax Act

Valley News Live

Divorce rates have been on the decline, according to recent data—but that could all change again, thanks to the new tax act.


And it's not just here in North Dakota: Michelle Piscopo, an attorney of matrimonial and family law at Blank Rome LLP in Philadelphia, Pa. says she's seeing it too.

"We're not necessarily seeing a surge in the number of divorces being filed,” Piscopo said, “but the cases that we already have on going if there was going to be an alimony claim, we are seeing a rush to get those finished....before the end of this year."

Which Piscopo says is not an easy feat.

"Divorces can take a year or longer," she said.

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"More Couples Inquiring of Divorce with New Tax Act," by Rose Itzcovitz was published in Valley News Live on March 16, 2018.