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Melinda Gates’ Divorce Settlement Could Be Dependent on Her Silence about Bill Gates & Jeffrey Epstein


Since the news broke that Bill Gates and Melinda Gates are going their separate ways after 27 years of marriage, the reports coming in on Bill Gates have been hot and heavy: he vacationed with ex Ann Winblad every year. He had a number of meetings with convicted sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein that Melinda wasn’t so fond of. He had at least one confirmed affair with a Microsoft employee and allegedly may have asked out or dated others, per a recent New York Times report. Given the high net worth at stake here, there has been teasing conversation on Twitter that Melinda could be behind these reports in a ploy to secure her rightful share of assets given Bill’s alleged misbehavior — but according to attorney Lois Liberman, a partner at Blank Rome LLP, it’s actually highly unlikely that Melinda is behind these reports. In fact, Melinda could have a lot to lose if she ends up being blamed as the source of said reports, depending on how their separation agreement is structured.


Liberman, who has a long history of handling pre- and post-nuptial agreements and equitable asset distribution at Blank Rome, told SheKnows that it’s highly likely Bill and Melinda’s separation agreement, referenced in the Twitter announcement of their split, would include a provision on confidentiality with regard to one another’s personal affairs.

“I would presume that the parties’ Separation Agreement, which they most likely have been working on for quite some time, and which is now signed, sealed and delivered, contains a provision that requires Melinda not to speak with the media or to publish anything (whether via any social media, article, book, even fictional) that relates not only the terms and provisions of their agreement but also their personal lives,” Liberman told us. “Discussing their personal lives would also include what she knew or didn’t know about Gates’ involvement with Epstein.”

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“Melinda Gates’ Divorce Settlement Could Be Dependent on Her Silence about Bill Gates & Jeffrey Epstein,” by Louisa Ballhaus was published in SheKnows on May 19, 2021.