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Maritime Remains on Margins of U.S. Sanctions — But Caution Advised


When US President Joe Biden announced a ban on the country’s limited Russian energy imports, provisions buried in the measure placed restrictions on America's involvement in Russian energy transport. But those measures — unlike those targeting Iran — did not make shipping a major target, for now at least.


“They are different from, say, Iran because they haven’t especially focused on the shipping industry, and until this week had created a carve out for energy,” Blank Rome sanctions lawyer Matthew Thomas told TradeWinds.

“We’re advising clients to keep closely monitoring the situation, because it’s clearly changing on a day-to-day basis, and everyone needs to pay very close attention to banking issues because these sanctions are focused very heavily on banks and banking.”

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“Maritime Remains on Margins of U.S. Sanctions — But Caution Advised,” by Eric Priante Martin was published in TradeWinds on March 11, 2022.