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Legal Tech’s Milestones for Hiring, Staffing, and the Economy in 2022

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In 2022, the economy was a roller coaster, vacillating from the highs of the Great Resignation to the lows of an impending economic downturn, all within a matter of months. These economic swings had significant impacts on every industry, and legal tech was certainly no exception.


The following is a collection of quotes from experts in the legal industry on the biggest milestones for hiring, staffing and the economy as they related to legal tech in 2022.


Susan L. Bickley, Partner, Blank Rome LLP“In 2022, employers openly appreciated the importance of a positive culture in attracting and maintaining talent, and used technology both to communicate their cultural values and to evaluate employees’ response. Employees responded to repeated digital surveys as employers tried to assess whether their cultural messaging had hit the mark, or if they had effectively communicated that their values were aligned with their employees.”

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"Legal Tech’s Milestones for Hiring, Staffing, and the Economy in 2022," by Stephanie Wilkins was published in Legaltech News on December 28, 2022.