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Key to a Happy Divorce? Prenup, Lawyers Say

New York Daily News

The new year won’t be happy for all the married folks who have been forced together by COVID and are now headed toward divorce. Matrimonial lawyers I spoke to are expecting a bumper crop of cases as people discover they just can’t stand their spouses.


It’s most important for would-be spouses to sign a prenuptial agreement.


Jeff Bezos might agree. He had no prenup with wife MacKenzie Scott, who helped him found Amazon and bore him four children. She’s now worth $67 billion. It could have been worse, since Bezos is worth $195 billion.

“Lawyers who are smart tell their clients, ‘You are better off settling,’” said Marilyn Chinitz, of Blank Rome, whose clients have included Tom Cruise and Michael Douglas. “People are so overcharged with emotion, they don’t see the true costs.”

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai, was recently ordered by a London judge to pay his sixth wife a $730 million divorce settlement. But what really got the attention of American lawyers was the legal bill he owes, $105 million.

“It was a drop of water for him,” Chinitz said. “There’s a substantial amount of money out there.”

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“Key to a Happy Divorce? Prenup, Lawyers Say,” by Richard Johnson was published in New York Daily News on January 1, 2022.