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Investing in Lawyer Well-Being—Why It Matters

The Legal Intelligencer

Back when I was practicing law, I had the privilege of arguing before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. The court was six hours away, and my boss directed me to leave two days prior rather than just one. Instead of driving six hours, spending the night and making my argument the next morning, she wanted me there for two nights so I would be rested and ready.


Changes are also happening in law firms. I spoke with Donna Branca, director of strategic leadership at Blank Rome, a signatory to the ABA well-being pledge. Branca told me that Blank Rome had already been active in addressing attorney well-being, and the report helped “light the fire and was a springboard to do something that was more focused and driven by data.”

Among those things are mandatory “lawyer well-being” sessions for all attorneys, hosting social events de-emphasizing alcohol, and programs on health, well-being, developing resilience and handling stress. Branca says, “We have shared the task force report in order to raise awareness around the issues and have facilitated discussions as to how to be better attuned to the potential signs and symptoms of the impact of this often stressful profession on lawyers.”

"Investing in Lawyer Well-Being—Why It Matters," by Dena Lefkowitz was published in The Legal Intelligencer and Achievement by Design on August 14, 2019. 

To learn more about Blank Rome's commitment to proactively advancing health and wellness throughout our Firm and the legal industry, please read our press release, Blank Rome Pledges Support of the American Bar Association’s Well-Being Campaign