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Inside Scarlett Johansson and Ex Romain Dauriac's Custody Battle over Their 2-Year-Old Daughter

Scarlett Johansson officially filed for divorce from French husband Romain Dauriac on Tuesday. Both are seeking residential custody of their 2-year-old daughter, Rose Dorothy Dauriac, and now, the former couple are gearing up for what could be a difficult legal battle.


But a second legal expert argues that since Johansson’s career has been “consistent” since the child’s birth, her travel schedule will not play a large part in the custody battle.

“When you’re a couple, you share responsibility. Most people delegate responsibility at certain times in their lives,” New York family law attorney Marilyn B. Chinitz tells PEOPLE. “He doesn’t get to go back to France with the child simply because he’s been caring for her while Scarlett is doing movies. That’s not sufficient. That’s a transient, temporary scenario. And the court looks to deeper levels of commitment to the child — the stability, the security, emotionally, financially.”

Instead, Chinitz says the court will look to determine where the child has more significant roots.

“Where have the parties resided? Where is the child attending pre-school? Where is the child’s pediatrician?” she says. “The connection that the child has to a particular jurisdiction is critically important. So the court doesn’t care where mom or dad are born. It’s what the connection that the child has to a particular state.”

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"Inside Scarlett Johansson and Ex Romain Dauriac's Custody Battle over Their 2-Year-Old Daughter," by Jodi Guglielmi was published in People on March 8, 2017.