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Here’s How Sales Teams Add Value—If They Have Access

The Mid-Market Report

While utilization of sales and business development teams has become common at law firms, the level of involvement such teams have in client relationships varies from firm to firm. And how integral they are to the process of retaining and maintaining work is all over the map.


Unlike midsize firms with more constrained budgets, some larger firms have large teams of business development professionals handling a variety of duties to assist in client satisfaction and maximizing firm usage.

For example, Blank Rome CMO Jim Stapleton said his team of close to 30 does a variety of tasks for the Philadelphia-based firm: “market research and industry intelligence (alerts and briefings) analysis; client feedback interviews, wins analysis and postmortems; attorney coaching and training; events ranging from sponsorships to ‘lunch and learns,’ breakfast briefings, webinars and podcasts, CLE classes, and client presentations.”


“Here’s How Sales Teams Add Value—If They Have Access,” by Patrick Smith was published in The Mid-Market Report on July 18, 2019.